Mary - The Shellinator

Custom made shell coffee table!

Mary had some wood frames made and a stall door from an old 1800's barn from the property she grew up in Western Massachusetts.  The barn fell down in 2007 and we dragged the wood with us to Naples, Florida.  Finally she figured out what to do with it when we needed a new coffee table.  A talented friend (Pat) made us this table for her shell collection.

Barn getting demolished in 2007 with Vic Sr. at the helm
  Stall Door from old Barn  
Mary thought she found a sandollar at Cannon Beach,
 but it is actually a movie prop from The Goonies
 that was filmed at that location over 30 years ago

Sharks tooth found 12/3/2017 at South Beach - Pelican Bay
Mary walking Cannon Beach
Upside down picture of Mary walking Cannon Beach

Big Conch shell

Sharks teeth

Marys shells
One of Mary's collections from the beaches in Naples

More shells


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