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Claire Elizabeth Thomas
Mary's 40th
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Victor & Kristin
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Dumbo AKA Emily Soon to be Harley riders Ate too many Easter Eggs

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Mary & Baby Em at Blue Mountain Lake The kids at the zoo TJ playing football

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Tim, Peggy, & TJ Victor's 70th & Andrew's Baptism It's a Bass ..Not a Crappie

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Scott's makeover Emily's first winter Just the girls in Colorado
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Victor gives 50th commencement address Funny Scott G with the Kids Kim & Conley's Wedding
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Victor Jr. & Andrew Looking Good His bark was worse than his bite
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Susan & Mary at Top of the World in LG Bad to the Bone Cold to the Bone
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The Thomas Gang T.J. Murphy..We miss you
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Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs The Flournoy Family in Colorado Springs Anne,Jay & Mary at Copper Mountain